Seguro de responsabilidad civil profesional
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  • Lawyers
  • Attorneys
  • Prosecutor
  • Tax Advisors
  • Social graduates
  • Administrative Managers
  • Architects (Superiors and Technicians)
  • Engineers
  • Doctors

The purpose of the Professional Civil Liability insurance is to deal with personal, material and consequential damages that, unintentionally, due to errors or omissions, the professional has been able to cause to his clients in the exercise of his profession, as well as the damages that of them could be derived. The insurer assumes the economic consequences of the events occurred and covered by the contract, repairing the damage caused by the insured to a third party, up to the limit agreed in the insurance policy, which is the document that contains the conditions that regulate the contractual relationship between insuring and insured, collecting the rights and duties of the parties

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