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Our legal team specialized in military law with extensive experience and recognition will ensure and defend your rights and interests, before both Military Administration and Courts, assuring a close and professional service in all types of procedures and matters:

  • Disciplinary procedures, whatever their severity, nature or proposed sanction, including detainee assistance and Court appealing.
  • Legal representation and defence regarding criminal charges, before military and civil Courts.
  • Legal counsel, support and tracking of Work Leave Procedures, challenging its nature, duration, and claims referring to the amount granted.
  • Psychophysical Aptitude Insufficiency Procedures, legal counsel, support and tracking, and drafting of instances, and further challenge in contentious proceedings.
  • Legal counsel on family conciliation, reduced working hours, guards, navigation or other service exemptions or exclusions.
  • Legal counsel and representation on Salary issues, salary supplements, and any other Claim for payment issues.
  • Legal counsel and representation regarding the following: work post, promotions, IPEC, Commitment Renewal, service periods or certifications challenging.
  • Legal counsel, representation and defence before ordinary civil jurisdiction Courts.