HISTORY - Hebrero y Asociados
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Our founder, José Ignacio Hebrero Álvarez, has extensive experience in the application of Insurance Law, having exercised this discipline since 1982, with a special dedication to civil liability insurance, both in insurance and reinsurance companies.


EIn 1998, after holding important positions of maximum responsibility in insurance companies, José Ignacio Hebrero Álvarez founded this law firm designed to provide a legal service specialized in Insurance Law, with special emphasis in the civil liability field, offering its services to companies nationwide and especially to the growing response of international clients. It was in 2004, when he started extending services to brokers and insurance brokerages.

From our headquarters, located in Madrid, we work and cover the entire national territory, advising, also, insurance companies from other countries with interests in Spain.


All this allows us to give an overview of the issues raised by our customers, where the legal advice is complemented by consultancy tasks.


Therefore, during the history of the firm, lawyers have been required, in addition to a solid legal background, to handle different common languages in the business world.

Our philosophy consists on prevention of conflicts and their extrajudicial solution, and only as a last step to go to the Courts.